Thursday, April 2, 2009

Try This Sweet Escape On For Size

Just when you thought hand-crafted jewelry could only take so many forms, Yvonne Hoyer of JustAGirl27 slipped from the shadows like a metallurgic rock goddess seizing a smoke-filled stage, and rattled the ceiling again. Well, that might be a bit dramatic, but it was certainly a nice surprise the first time we laid eyes on Hoyer’s work. With a deft touch and an electric sense of contemporary tastes, the Frankfurt-based artisan has rendered a range of hand-wrought objects that sweeps together the quirky, as in the Octo-Bizarre Deluxe necklace; the classy, as in the sensual, softly curved Maryse necklace; and the current, as in her Raindrops of Water earrings.

Even her categories give off a non sequitur sort of charm: Victorian, Gothic, Seaside, Hip Elegance. In each, the evocative names of the items offered, whether as sweetly simple as Chunky Drops of Honey and Gold or as exotic as Sparkling Padparascha Mango (a truly lovely choice of earrings, by the way), leave an impression of uniqueness and originality that is rivaled only by that of the items themselves. And in case the positive impression is lost on any of us here in Wishing Willow world, here’s a little extra something to drive it in even deeper: The lucky winner of today’s giveaway will win a pair of delicate and graceful Golden Leaf Earrings, courtesy of JustAGirl27. To enter, visit, then come back here and tell us about your favorite item in Yvonne's shop. Tell us in an additional post if you subscribe to Wishing Willow, or follow us on Twitter, and "tweet" about the giveaway. To post without a Google account, just click “anonymous.” Be sure to also leave your email address. Contest ends 4/10/09.

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