Friday, August 29, 2008

About Wishing Willow

As a little girl, I found a kind of magic in the silhouette of a willow tree, as if all the hiddenness of a world undiscovered lurked just on the other side of its branches. Wishes, I imagined, lay waiting to be made within the shaded cove of the willow.

Being a grownup doesn’t mean a girl can’t wish anymore. But I have a better idea now of the kinds of things worth wishing for. My goal in creating this blog is to provide for all of you a forum where products that are truly special can be featured, reviewed, and shared with a community that remembers what it was like to make wishes…and the magic of finding out that some wishes come true.

The creative labor behind Wishing Willow's unique look and feel is a team effort. While I oversee the product selection, correspondence with designers, layout and site management, my husband Nate handles the writing of the features themselves. My pleasure in this process comes not only from finding and featuring new artists and designers, but also from enjoying my husband's crafting of words on a daily basis. Wishing Willow, for me, is a showcase not only of your work, but of his as well.

Our Best To You,

Tara & Nate