Tuesday, September 2, 2008

Modern Antebellum

It isn't every product that channels antebellum Georgia and the Parisian society-scapes of Georges Seurat in the same breath, but designer Anisa Makhoul at Makool Loves You has found a way. The classic, almost equestrian lines of the Late for Tea Dress criss-cross multiple eras with delicate ease, evoking secrets between friends, misty afternoons, the unbridled spirit, and yes, even a little Scarlett O'Hara—all the while appearing incredibly wearable. The latter quality is the difference between clothing and costume—and at the end of the day, is why I'm convinced this dress would be just as much fun to own as it is to describe.

I love the Gray Sparrow Dress, on the other hand, for its simplicity—not in the sense of plainness, but in the sense of inspired reductionism. On its own, the dress is charming enough, gathered in slender handswept bunches that actually work by defying symmetry. But for me it's the sash, snaking regally/wickedly from hip to shoulder and accenting the modest gray with a perfectly timed splash of personality, that takes the piece from isn't-that-cute to wow status. I thought about where I would wear this dress, and decided that this is the kind of dress that would probably decide for me.

Visit these beauties at Makool Loves You or their Etsy Shop by the same name. Two great products, one great designer. We love you too Makool!