Sunday, September 21, 2008

Fellowship of the Bling

Anyone over the age of sixteen can probably recall at least two jewelry fads that came and went (and returned, perhaps) in her own lifetime—rubber bracelets and mood rings, anyone? It is a rare talent, however, that can distill the best of several trends, melt them down creatively, and then rework them metallurgically into something entirely new. Alisa Miller’s reinterpretations, such as the 3 Circle Necklace, may recall the best of the Celtic Wave, but with all due respect to home shopping channels, there’s nothing QVC about them. Rather, with the high-end integrity of a sterling silver core, and with designs as unpretentious as a tastefully bold array of conjoined circles, they are the kinds of accessories that speak of confidence, strong self-identity, and openness to new life adventures. And if this kind of description seems intended to invoke the spirit of Tolkien, well, it’s in the modern sense—think Liv Tyler, ladies—rather than the creepy sense of those boys from high school who wore capes and elf-armor to Biology class. For a thorough introduction to the original craftsmanship of Alisa Miller, visit her shop on Etsy, and be sure to come with a mind as open as the lovely circles she bids us to wear.

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ThreadBeaur said...

That is a great necklace! What a wonderful find!