Thursday, September 18, 2008

Haus Ware

Form and function duel like warriors in a Wagner opera: The more intense the distinction, the more sure you can be that they are, in a sense, really one and the same. The first time my eyes took in the improbable Byzantine curves of the 7 White Matte Bottle Collection by Sara Paloma, I knew that no matter how well these stoneware vessels might pour, they can be no question that their purpose is to create an atmosphere all on their own. With a soft upward movement that draws to a point, calling to mind perhaps the minarets of the Near East, or alternatively, the irresistible, smile-inducing shape of soft-serve ice cream, Paloma has succeeded in crafting a set of bottles that could conceivably class up the loft or beachhouse-- but would be far more appropriate as a haus conversation centerpiece in a properly modern environment. The verdict: Form wins, but so do we all, simply by learning to appreciate the delicate, painstaking process by which something so superbly unique is finally achieved.

Visit Sara Paloma Pottery here to view her collection.

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