Saturday, September 6, 2008

Where Credit's Due

It’s not that I’m Alma Loveland’s only client. It’s just that she has a way of making it feel like I’m the only one that matters.

Let me back up. The first time my ideas and Alma’s incredible talent intersected was when I was researching graphic designers, and by word of mouth discovered the art of Loveland Miscellany (a husband-and-wife team). Quite honestly, finding this kind of talent for hire online felt a bit like stumbling across Marc Chagall selling his lithographs on a street corner: I knew instantly that my luck had been extraordinary. In the broadest of terms, trusting her to fill in the blanks, I spelled out my vision for Wishing Willow’s graphic. Twenty or so e-mails later, Alma had produced a gorgeous pastel-suffused banner depicting a girl who could be any age, anywhere, staring furtively into the breezy pink trestles of a willow tree—and I knew without a doubt I had chosen the right artist for this project (even before she had whipped out a set out of picture-perfect business cards for me with otherworldy effortlessness).

Most creative people, I have found by living with my husband for eight years now, are notoriously mother-to-child bonded to their work. Alma, on the other hand, seemed to take each of my suggestions in stride, responding to them by tweaking and shading and changing the girl’s dress style without complaint. In fact, she was even so kind as to call me “easy to work with” (I wonder if the barista who fulfills the six modifications on my latte would say the same). She is more than a competent designer; she is someone I trust and would recommend without hesitation to anyone seeking to add that special “something” to an art project. Thank you, Alma, for exceeding every one of my expectations. Here’s to you and your beautiful creations!

Make sure to also visit Alma and Mike Loveland's Etsy shop here.

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simpleme said...

Alma did a awesome job! Your site looks great!!!