Saturday, September 13, 2008

Organic Abstractions

I like to think of a surrealist as someone who hears Barack Obama speak of putting “lipstick on a pig” and immediately wonders how that image would play on canvas. In the narrowest sense, the art of youareconstance, its human commentary streaked with the bold rhetoric of chartreuse, apricot, and a hundred other unexpected hues, finds its mark as a somewhat abstract example of digital modernism. For me, however, it’s the surrealist spirit that seems intuitively most obvious in prints such as What is Likely to Happen When One is Full of Bull and the white space-mastering Squid in Blue.

Of course, as a sentimental favorite, Perching Ravens seems to capture the irony of its subjects’ haughty, monarchal sense of indifference—and oblivion to that irony-- about as well as any illustration I’ve seen. In the end, I love this kind of art because it transcends category. Agile and deep-knotted, humourous yet at turns layered with connotation, it is simply a remarkable gallery of images that even the snobbiest art critic will have a hard time soon forgetting…and that an online reviewer hard-biased against clichéd art themes can scarcely evaluate without descending into hyperbole. To enjoy the full complement of prints offered by youareconstance, visit her shop here on Etsy.

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Jamie said...

These are wonderful :)