Monday, September 22, 2008

This is Not Your Brother's Box Set

Suddenly, the "cube" in cubicle seems a little less square. Thanks to the creative mojo of Rosemary Pierce-Lackey, home decorators now have an avant-garde design option on the table that could just as readily grace a wall or prominent shelf, and an added option of custom color that makes Art By Rosemary a must-browse venue for art-savvy shoppers of every kind. Rosemary isn't a cubist, of course (Pablo Picasso would have had nothing to do with an art form this sensibly ordered), but anyone who with torn antique paper, a series of paint layers, and a box can bring to life something so visually pleasing as the Rhapsody 15.3 Mixed Media Set must at least qualify as a magician of sorts. Of course, what I personally respect the most about this artist is her success in one-upping the mantra of office motivators everywhere: After all, why think outside the box when you can make the box this pretty? To see more of these little wonders in full color, visit Rosemary's Etsy shop today.

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ThreadBeaur said...

What a fun shop. I love all the bright colors!