Friday, September 12, 2008

A Treasure Worth Keeping

In the ongoing narrative of a child’s lush imagination, toy chests are symbolic of an endless array of secret, splendid containers. Pirate’s booty, genie’s treasure, dragon’s spoils: in our storybooks they all spill lavishly over the edges of chests, as if the humble hollow of these boxes can barely contain such wondrous and mysterious cache. And since it isn’t only children who find charm in a box full of toys , I have to add my voice to those already celebrating the Owyn Toy Box by Mod Mom Furniture. Crafted by self-made artisan Kiersten Hathcock in her home garage, the Owyn and its leaf-lids, which fit like puzzle pieces, represent a design paradigm that pays subtle homage to the stylings of Eric Carle while still retaining a boutique, non-Pottery Barn individuality. If you’ve ever thought of bringing home a classical, organically produced furniture line that is as useful to you as it is inspirational to your little ones, the Owyn is the perfect piece with which to begin.

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Cicada said...

I absolutely love this!!