Saturday, September 27, 2008

If You Don't Noni By Now

There are certain décor combinations in our culture, like reception desks with phycus trees behind them, which are intuitively accepted without really being understood. Fortunately, others make sense on a more practical level. Take, for example, the zoologically-inspired ceramic art of Heather Knight. Mining an aesthetic resource that is all too often taken for granted (considering the growing threat of extinction under which reef-dwelling marine organisms now live), the hands that craft these delicate embodiments celebrate not only beauty, but also harmony, respect for our ecology, and an artistry in nature that is out-of-sight in more ways than one. Bringing a forest into your home is one thing. Importing a rarely-seen world of botanical textures into your living room, as Knight has made possible with striking conceptions like the 3-D Textured Wall Tiles, is a bolder step. How better to inject a new, sea-salt-fresh ambience into that home environment you’ve put off refreshing for too long? Browse the art of Element Clay Studio on Etsy to see for yourself, and be prepared for an experiment in marine education, style, and absolute fun.

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