Friday, December 12, 2008

Cozies for the Toes-ies

We’re born exposed. Our extremities, from the first moment of chilling introduction to the world outside that lovely warm thing called a womb, curl in shock as we realize immediately that someone, somewhere, is going to have to put some socks on those cute little tootsies of ours or we’re in deep trouble. Maybe that’s why craft-savvy moms, such as Courtney Anne Chu of CourtneyCourtney, succeed where many others fail in pinning down the perfect clothing accessories for kids: Whose instinct to better trust, after all, than her own? Of course, to call the fruit of her labor “socks” would be a misnomer. Technically speaking, they’re booties; practically speaking, they’re a versatile and tradition-tested product that inspires even more hip-shaking, slide-down-the-hall fun than the name implies. Parents will love the fact that these booties can serve as socks or shoes, depending on the occasion (thus bypassing the Herculean task of immobilizing one’s children long enough to tie shoelaces). It’s the personality of the product, however, that sells it. With a delightful variety from which to choose, ranging from the nautical/modern flair of Surfer Cool and the pixie sweetness of Rainbow Red to the li’l tyke ruggedness of Mini Rugby and the dapper kid-cool factor of Schoolbus, the struggle isn’t finding a winner, but rather in settling on just one.

Visit CourtneyCourtney for a full “exposure” to these items as well as Courtney's colorful and incredibly fun line of children's clothing.

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Kelly said...

I adore the surfer cool booties! My 4 month old always kicks off his socks. These are perfect. What a great shop!!