Friday, October 31, 2008

Gocco Dancing

The French might claim to speak the world's most beautiful language, but when it comes to accents, Bernadette Sipkes has them beat. The art of Sugarloop, rather presciently premised on the idea that a work of art need not necessarily be steeped in excessive gravitas to be effective , uses giclée and gocco media to create perfect complementary pieces for any room in the house. In an era in which far too much of the art we enjoy is obscured by some political or social agenda, Sipkes instead themes her work upon refreshingly positive elements that suggest a peaceful, reflective relationship with the world around us: A Green Nesting Bird, for example, or a pair of Blue Powder Deer grazing contentedly around a tree in bloom. A duo of glorious cranes in either orange or chartreuse. A barrel-chested Metallic Turquoise Rooster calmly surveying the world from a lofty perch.

The poise and balance of each piece is, in fact, as Nordic as the region that inspired much of it. Like the Finnish highway sign that translates to "Drive Quietly Over the Bridge," an understated sense of deeply appreciative nature-wonder undergirds the entire gallery, and Sipkes makes no attempt to conceal her northerly inspiration as she acknowledges design giant Marimekko freely in the gallery. The flow of her art is effortless, and the arrangements subtle and charming. The question, in the end, is not whether a Sugarloop work is the ideal art piece for your freshly painted room; the question is whether you'll be satisfied with only one. To view Bernadette's gallery in full, visit her shop Sugarloop on Etsy.


Cassie said... pretty! I think I may have to have one!

Mee a Bee said...

Oh wow! I have a Sugarloop in the mail as we speak. I am hoping it will arrive today!! Super excited.

Bernadette is a fantastically talented artist and so friendly to talk to (online).

I am thrilled to see three New Zealanders on your site this month, Sugarloop, zukzuk and In My Backyard

A little reminder of home for me, thanks!