Monday, October 20, 2008

Thinking Concretely

Run your finger around the rim of a Lulu Bug pendant, and you’ll hear the unmistakable lyrics of a protest anthem emanating from its finely wrought form. Concrete, a plaque-like symbol of urban sprawl, an indissoluble preservative of man’s footprint on the earth, wasn’t supposed to be transformed into something so incredibly pretty. And yet, here it is: boldly as a bush springing up through pavement cracks, Lulu Bug Jewelry turns all the old assumptions upside down and combines silver, resin, amazonite and other materials with tinted concrete to craft an ode to nature that plays close to the heart. Though the Oak Tree Necklace, its generous coloring rich against the silver backdrop, might be the most visually striking piece in the collection, one couldn’t be faulted for gravitating toward such lovely interpretations as the Concrete Flowers Necklace, Little Bird Necklace, or even something as delicate and understated as the Tiny Blackbird Earrings. The substance is trustworthy, the art painstaking, and the feel a whole lotta fun: You may not, after all, have ever thought of concrete as a medium for artistic expression, but it's never too late for a revolution. Visit Lulu Bug Jewelry on Etsy and see these for yourself.


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ThreadBeaur said...

Fantastic! I love that tree, amazing work.

Hanna said...

that looks really cool