Wednesday, October 1, 2008

Wish Bravely, Shop Simply

In this political season in which the notion of a free-world-commanding, do-it-all mom sparks applause from some and derision from others, it seems a provocative choice to highlight a businesswoman/mother of three who quietly goes about, well, doing it all. When today's featured individual isn’t chasing her boys or playing chauffeur, she maintains not one, but two popular websites, Simple Me Boutique and Simple Finds, catered to the one-stop shopping mom. The range of products offered speaks for itself, but that isn’t the whole story. Our experience with Christie has not only left us highly satisfied with her service and impressed with her savvy; we’ve found ourselves taken with her engaging and down-to-earth personality as well. (While the latter may seem an irrelevant detail, it isn’t: Empirical studies show that when two businesses offer a similar product, the business perceived as “friendlier” wins more customers just about every time. Go figure :)

One of the more bewitching offerings available at Simple Me Boutique is the Grayc Coral Rectangle Cocktail Ring. Striking enough in its shining citrus-amber complexity and intriguing depth, this ring is even more compelling given the unique process required to produce it. By fusing glass fragments of various colors together in a kiln, then melting them over a mold for shape, the designer, Courtney Gray, renders an entirely new material, aptly named “grayc.” Mounted on a sterling silver adjustable band, the finished glass seems almost to beam with pride—as you will the moment you try it on. Devotees of this art form would do well to check out the Antique Ocean Cocktail Ring as well, a no-less-fascinating creation that swims with aristocratic blue tones and gathers light in dramatic fashion.

For a limited time, any purchases over $50 at Simple Me Boutique can be had at a 15% discount. Just plug in the discount code WILLOW, and let the fun begin in earnest.

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