Thursday, February 5, 2009

Hand-some Tastes

“And now,” to borrow a Monty Python phrase, “for something completely different.” If you’ve ever wondered why soapmakers don’t use a little more creativity in their molding process—after all, there’s no law that says a bar of soap can’t be shaped like, say, a cowboy hat or a kidney—you’ll want to take a moment to visit Plastic Foliage, home of the aptly named Handsoap. Crafted into the actual shape of hands that range from the adorably pudgy, stubby infant variety to the larger, more developed toddler form , these soaps are as impossible to employ in the bath without an accompanying smile as they are sufficiently kitschy-creative-cool to make you the cultural envy of any houseguest who should pause to lather up at your sink. Plastic Foliage is also a lovely place to locate other “handy” items like the Happy Face Tote bag or perhaps a pair of Wrist Zips, which allow active people to remain hands-free by zipping away their coins and chapsticks in little pouches worn on the forearms. If your shopping is guided by everyday, conformist standards, this may not be the place for you. If, however, you’ve got a little personality in you and don’t mind showing it, browsing the goods at just might be the most fun you’ll have this winter.


lenny said...

i absolutely love these things.

for a while i was into crocheting baby clothes for siamese twins--it was an art project on co-depency.

i used two baby dolls as models. this reminds me of that whole experience.


TiLT said...

What fun! I love it when soap artists have fun with their molds!