Wednesday, March 11, 2009

Reining in the Cheek-Seeking Kissile

What if the kiss you blew to your little one had a mind of its own? What if, like a mischievous, lovestruck “kissile” guided by a carefree spirit, that smacker missed its intended target, fluttered out the window and began simply bouncing from one unsuspecting recipient to the next, leaving smiles on the faces of bears and bees, dogs and cats in its wake? This is the endearing premise of Mama’s Kiss (Chronicle Books), a Jane Yolen tale told against the lovely backdrop of Daniel Baxter’s illustrations. Shrewdly conceptualized in that “what-if” style that invariably captures a child’s imagination, the story includes some of the best elements of children’s literature: light and colorful prose, delightful ideas, a straightforward and compelling storyline, and a sense of language that doesn’t take itself so seriously that it would fly, pardon the pun, right past a young reader. And then there’s the best feature of all, a happy ending that seals the story with a kiss found right where it belongs, at home in the cozy confines of a loving family. Cuddle up, turn the pages, and remember why those kisses from mom mean so much in the first place. And when you’re done, don’t be afraid to blow a little kiss of your own.

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ann marie said...

This looks like it might just be the sweetest book ever!