Monday, March 16, 2009

Silver Sublime

It’s time we remembered the magic of silver. As a material, it is among the most versatile, alluring, dependable and sensible substances found on the earth. Since most of us don’t have it in great supply, however, we tend to forget how wonderful it is. Enter Trudie Davies, silvercrafting proprietor of an Etsy store by the same name, and Melbourne-based merchant of that fabulous stuff that slays vampires and dragons, charms the human heart, shimmers on the backs of rare fish and exotic birds, and lines our momentary trials with the faintest outline of hope. If anyone knows the power of silver, it’s Trudie.

With rings like The Bridge, which evokes both modern architecture and timeless values such as fidelity and spiritual strength, she reminds us how visceral and honest her medium can be. With delicate hoop earrings featuring, for example, birds on a perch, she draws out the artistry and conversation-inspiring dynamic of this wondrous matter. And with irresistible, original pendants such as her selection featuring a solitary willow, she reinforces the principle that handcrafted jewelry need not be complicated to be classy. Swans, trees, alphabet letters, stars and more—the variety of emblems we find at her store that are borne from the same time-honored ingredient is remarkable. The fact that so few people are willing to be this creative with precious metal is perhaps even more remarkable.

Visit to view the collection in its entirety.


Trudie said...

Thank you so much. What a wonderful write up. It was beautiful to read. Trudie Davies

MaggieM said...

I perused Trudie's etsy store and ended up purchasing the Square Wire Stack Rings X 6! I can't wait to receive them! I have also asked her to make me a Turquoise Stack Ring in a larger size :) Love her jewelry, so thanks for turning me on to her etsy:)

Wishing Willow said...

How fun! Great choice :) I liked those a lot too. One of the greatest things I love most about Etsy is that you can work directly with artists to design a special piece. Thanks for letting us know!

wide open spaces said...

love, love, love. those earrings are just so sweet.