Thursday, March 12, 2009

Tailored for Toasters

The consumer's eye is no match for the singular charm of a new toaster. Gleaming and grinning from its perch on the store shelf, the toaster positively convinces us it will never dull, rust, trap bits of toast in its eternal clutches, or cause your kitchen to smell like doused charcoal. Alas, however; these are lies, and you know it. And for millions of women who have faced the worn-out-its-welcome toaster dilemma, there’s finally a solution that doesn’t involve pitching Old Reliable to the rubbish pile.

Introducing Pretty in Purple, empathetic Australian aficionado of lovely hand-crafted toaster covers in a variety of stylish patterns. Two-slice? Four-slice? Whatever the model, Pretty in Purple has it covered, transforming a mere kitchen appliance into an early spring fashion statement and proving once again that a bit of feminine sensibility can tame even the most basic (read: masculine) of household objects. Of course, there are more than toaster covers to enjoy at this store, especially when beautiful placemats, casserole carriers, oven mitts and so many other useful items lie waiting to be discovered as well. But what’s most important is that each and every item is stitched with the love and care we’d expect from a mother of two who lives to make our commonplace world just a little bit prettier. Visit Pretty in Purple, and see these wonderful products for yourself. Happy Shopping!

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Lindsey said...

I really like these, they look like they would really brighten up a kitchen!