Wednesday, March 25, 2009

We’ll Vouch for These Pouches

Freshening up one’s accessories for the spring doesn’t have to mean mortgaging that already-twice-mortgaged house for a ridiculously expensive, oversized Italian purse. It could, rather, be as simple as accenting with a small but classy, fashionably cute, and sensibly priced handcrafted handbag freshly acquired online. Now, what if we told you such a thing could be found in Missouri? Take that, Milan. Thanks to Kansas City-based Nicole of Ni-Chern Designs, being spring-ready has never been easier.

With a full line of pouches sized from extra small to medium and featuring zesty, off-the-easel motifs such as geometric orange, brown motifs, and circles and dots, Ni-Chern has made it possible to blister the boardwalks and plaza sidewalks of your hometown this season with an aura of originality, free thinking, and yes, fashion sense—all at a fraction of the price at which noticeability is usually bought. And as long as you’re browsing, it’s well worth the time it takes to check out Ni-Chern Design's wristlets, coin pouches, key fobs, and other carrying accessories, not to mention the earrings that round out the site. Sagging economies are a fact of life, but sagging self-confidence doesn’t have to be. Give yourself something special this spring from Ni-Chern’s adorable collection. It might be just the stimulus you need to get life going again.



Tumbleweed Trails said...

These pouches are great. I need them all.

Leslie said...

These are so darn cute! Makes me wanna separate all my things into pouch-size groups!!

I just love the Retro Print & Geometric Orange coin purses! What great fabrics!!

Thanks for sharing!!

uggs said...
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Anonymous said...
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